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Investigation of hierarchical classification for simultaneous gender and age recognition

Ingo Siegert, Ronald Böck, David Philippou-Hübner, Andreas Wendemuth

Combining Mimic and Prosodic Analyses for User Disposition Classification

Ronald Böck, Kerstin Limbrecht, Ingo Siegert, Stefan Glüge, Steffen Walter, Andreas Wendemuth


Ein Datenset zur Untersuchung emotionaler Sprache in Kundenbindungsdialogen

Ingo Siegert, David Philippou-Hübner, Michael Tornow, Ralph Heinemann, Andreas Wendemuth, Kerstin Ohnemus, Sarah Fischer, Gerald Schreiber

Automatic differentiation of form-function-relations of the discourse particle "hm" in a naturalistic human-computer interaction

Alicia Flores Lotz, Ingo Siegert, Andreas Wendemuth


Multimodal Information Processing: The Ticket Purchase – a Demonstration Scenario of the SFB/TRR-62

Ingo Siegert, Stephan Reuter, Felix Schüssel, Georg Layher, Thilo Hörnle, Sascha Meudt, Andreas Wendemuth

Measuring the Impact of Audio Compression on the Spectral Quality of Speech Data

Ingo Siegert, Alicia Flores Lotz, Linh Linda Duong, Andreas Wendemuth


Audio Compression and its Impact on Emotion Recognition in Affective Computing

Alicia Flores Lotz, Ingo Siegert, Michael Maruschke, Andreas Wendemuth

ikannotate2 – A Tool Supporting Annotation of Emotions in Audio- Visual Data

Ingo Siegert, Andreas Wendemuth


Acoustic Addressee-Detection - Analysing the Impact of Age, Sex and Technical Knowledge

Ingo Siegert, Tang Shuran, Alicia Flores Lotz

Emotion Recognition from Disturbed Speech - Towards Affective Computing in Real-World In-Car Environments

Alicia Flores Lotz, Fabian Faller, Ingo Siegert, Andreas Wendemuth


The restaurant booking corpus – content-identical comparative human-human and humancomputer simulated telephone conversations

Ingo Siegert, Jannik Nietzold, Ralph Heinemann, Andreas Wendemuth

Analysis of the influence of different room acoustics on acoustic emotion features

Juliane Höbel-Müller, Ingo Siegert, Ralph Heinemann, Alicia Flores Requardt, Michael Tornow, Andreas Wendemuth

Comparing phonetic changes in computer-directed and human-directed speech

Eran Raveh, Ingmar Steiner, Ingo Siegert, Iona Gessinger, Bernd Möbius


Emergency Service – Sprachbasierte Klassifikation eingehender Anrufe in Ausnahmesituationen

Marcus Petersen, Karl-Heinz Niedrist, Matthias Busch, Florian Marquardt, Ingo Siegert

Does Users’ System Evaluation Influence Speech Behavior in HCI? – First Insights from the Engineering and Psychological Perspective

Ingo Siegert, Matthias Busch, Julia Krüger

Filtering-Based Analysis of Spectral and Temporal Effects of Room Modes on Low-Level Descriptors of Emotionally Coloured Speech

Martin Gottschalk, Juliane Höbel-Müller, Ingo Siegert, Jesko L. Verhey, Andreas Wendemuth

Reduction of Aircraft Noise in UAV-Based Speech Signal Recordings by Quantile Based Noise Estimation

Enrico Lösch, Oliver Jokisch, Alexander Leipnitz, Ingo Siegert


Speech Signal Compression Deteriorates Acoustic Cues to Perceived Speaker Charisma

Ingo Siegert, Oliver Niebuhr

Audio and Video Processing of UAV-Based Signals in the Harmonic Project

Oliver Jokisch, Tilo Strutz, Alexander Leipnitz, Ingo Siegert,, Andrey Ronzhin

Studie zur Lösbarkeit des Problems starker Pegelschwankungen im Home-Entertainment

Georg Schmidt, Ingo Siegert


Erroneous reactions of voice assistants

Lea Kisser, Ingo Siegert

Emotion preservation for one-shot speaker anonymization using McAdams

Yamini Sinha, Andreas Wendemuth, Ingo Siegert

"High on emotion?" How audio codecs interfere with the perceived charisma and emotional states of men and women

Oliver Niebuhr, Ingo Siegert


Cross-Reliability Benchmark Test for Preserving Emotional Content in Speech–Synthesis Related Datasets

Jan Hintz, Andreas Wendemuth, Ingo Siegert

Radlogistik als Anwendungsgebiet für Digitale Sprachassistenten – Ein Diskussionsbeitrag

Matthias Busch, Malte Kania, Tom Assmann, Ingo Siegert


Review of Usage and Potentials of Conversational Interfaces at Universities and in Students Daily Lifes

Lea Kisser, Matthias Busch, Ingo Siegert

Evaluation of Audio Deepfakes - Systematic Review

Yamini Sinha, Jan Hintz, Ingo Siegert

Speech Recognition Errors in ASR Engines and Their Impact on Linguistic Analysis in Psychotherapies

Martha Schubert, Yamini Sinha, Julia Krüger, Ingo Siegert