ESSV Konferenz Elektronische Sprachsignalverarbeitung

Title: Combining Mimic and Prosodic Analyses for User Disposition Classification

Authors: Ronald Böck, Kerstin Limbrecht, Ingo Siegert, Stefan Glüge, Steffen Walter, Andreas Wendemuth


Automatic classification of the users’ internal affective and emotional states is to be considered for many applications, ranging from organisational tasks to health care. To develop automatic technical systems suitable training material is necessary and an appropriate adaptation towards users is needed. In this work, we present preliminary but promising results of our research focusing on emotion classification by visual and audio signals. This is related to a semi-automatic and crossmodality labelling of data sets which will help to establish a kind of ground truth for labels in the adaptation process of classifiers. In our experiments we showed that prosodic features, especially, higher order ones like formant’s three bandwidth are related to visual/mimic expressions.

Year: 2012
In session: Postersitzungen
Pages: 220 to 227