Mobile Office and Entertainment System Based on Android


A system for mobile office and entertainment applications was developed. The input modalities include touch screen and automatic speech recognition, the output modalities screen output and speech synthesis. Services comprise an e-mail reading and responding application, a configurable news feed (RSS) reader and, as entertainment, a license plate information application. Being conceptually eyes- and hands-free, the main target application is the car domain, but as a native android application it runs also on every Android based mobile phone. We report on the software structure and a framework for the integration of speech resources into Android based software, describe the functionality of the services e-mail, RSS and license number information, report on the design concept of multimodal usage, explain integration, evaluation and tuning of speech recognition as well as synthesis and conclude with a description of the evaluation user tests.

Year: 2010
In session: Automotive and Multimedia
Pages: 257 to 264