ESSV Konferenz Elektronische Sprachsignalverarbeitung

Title: Influence of Age, Gender and Sample Duration on the Charisma Assessment of German Speakers

Authors: Oliver Jokisch, Viktor Iaroshenko, Michael Maruschke, Hongwei Ding


Abstract:We investigated 14 German politicians to systematically analyze typical boundary conditions in the perceptive charisma assessment, such as age and gen- der of speakers and evaluators. Beyond, we surveyed the correlation between the perceptive results and some prosodic correlates. The test data included 84 speech samples of 7 female and 7 male speakers, aged from 31 to 68 years. The sam- ples were extracted from publicly available videos. We also tested the influence of the playback time on the assessment. Our preliminary results suggest that males receive a higher mean charisma assessment. We observed interrelations between assessment and age group of speakers and listeners, while the sample duration had a less significant effect.

Year: 2018
In session: Affective Speech
Pages: 224 to 231