RTPROC: Rapid Real-time Prototyping for Audio Signal Processing


In this contribution the RTProc system for the rapid development of realtime prototypes for digital audio signal processing algorithms is presented. RTProc enables even unexperienced programmers to transform the first implementation of a new algorithm in Matlab into a stand-alone real-time demonstrator written in C/C++ in a very efficient way. In order to achieve this goal, the RTProc software architecture is defined such that hardware and algorithm related programming issues are separated. All hardware related programming aspects are hidden so that the algorithm developer can focus on the implementation of the algorithm. Different application scenarios are supported by RTProc to operate on two different platforms: General purpose PCs (RTProcPC) and the Analog Devices ADSP-21369 EZKIT [1] embedded DSP target (RTProcDSP). While RTProcPC enables real-time processing of algorithms realized in C/C++ with a minimum system latency of approximately 5 ms, even lower system latency can be achieved by RTProcDSP if necessary. Compared to earlier versions of RTProc [3], the current version has been extended according to the needs of algorithm developers to guide users through all development phases in digital signal processing, starting from first Matlab simulations to the final highly efficient implementation in fixed point arithmetic. Example real-time prototypes for noise reduction for mobile communication, simulation of speech and audio codecs, and Matlab based room acoustic measurements will be demonstrated to show the potential of RTProc.

Year: 2009
In session: Signalverarbeitung
Pages: 158 to 165