Phonetic convergence evaluation based on fundamental frequency variability


There is a growing body of studies investigating whether interlocutors become more similar to each other during a dialogue. The present study contributes to this research line by investigating the pitch profiles, and convergence and synchrony in mean F0 values, in Polish dyadic conversations on provocative art between students and between a student and a teacher. We found different pitch profiles for the different scenarios and identities of the interlocutors. In the student-student and student-teacher conversations where both interlocutors agree (whether or not they accept the provocative art), the students show higher long-term distributional (LTD) F0 values for level, span and standard deviation when interacting with a teacher than with a fellow student. In the student–teacher conversations the students achieve significantly higher LTD F0 values when the two interlocutors do not share the same opinion about the provocative art. Regarding convergence we applied a variety of measures to our data (local, global convergence and synchrony). Using these measures, we found evidence of local and global convergence in the student-teacher conversations and of synchrony in both student-student and student-teacher conversations.

Year: 2021
In session: Phonetik und Artikulation
Pages: 153 to 160