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The tight relation between acoustic echo cancellation and residual echo suppression by postfiltering

G. Enzner, Peter Vary, Rainer Martin


Von der Schmalband-Telefonie zur Mobilen Audio-Kommunikation

Peter Vary

Dereverberation of Speech Signals Based on the Discrete Model of Speech Production

Marco Jeub, Peter Vary

RTPROC: Rapid Real-time Prototyping for Audio Signal Processing

Hauke Krüger, Thomas Schumacher, Thomas Esch, Bernd Geiser, Peter Vary

Extending Monaural Speech and Audio Codecs by Inter-Channel Linear Prediction

Magnus Schäfer, Hauke Krüger, Peter Vary


Dual channel reduction of rapidly varying harmonic and random noise using a spot microphone

Florian Heese, Thomas Esch, Peter Vary

Evaluation of single- and dual-channel noise power spectral density estimation algorithms for mobile phones

Christian Herglotz, Marco Jeub, Christoph Nelke, Christophe Beaugeant, Peter Vary

On the application of psychoacoustically-motivated dereverberation for recordings taken in the German parliament

Marco Jeub, Peter Vary

Quality of network based acoustic noise reduction

Matthias Pawig, Peter Vary

Near end listening enhancement considering thermal limit of mobile phone loudspeakers

Bastian Sauert, Peter Vary

Binaural wideband telephony using steganography

Bernd Geiser, Magnus Schäfer, Peter Vary

A fast indexing method for shells of the gosset lattice

Hauke Krüger, Bernd Geiser, Peter Vary, Haiting Li, Deming Zhang

Combined analog/digital broadband feedback ANC for headsets

Hauke Krüger, Thomas Schumacher, Marco Jeub, Peter Vary

A listening test environment for subjective assessment of speech and audio signal processing algorithms

Magnus Schäfer, Christopher Schnelling, Bernd Geiser, Peter Vary

Tubenfunktionsprüfung mit Methoden der digitalen Sprachsignalverarbeitung

Aulis Telle, Peter Vary