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Artikulatorische Sprachsynthese

Bernd J. Kröger, Peter Birkholz


An Action-Based Concept for the Phonetic Annotation of Sign Language Gestures

Bernd J. Kröger, Jim Kannampuzha, Dominik Bauer, Peter Birkholz, Philippe Dreuw, Hermann Ney


Neurobiological interpretation of a quantitative target approximation model for speech actions

Bernd J. Kröger, Peter Birkholz, Jim Kannampuzha, Cornelia Eckers, Emily Kaufmann, Christiane Neuschaefer-Rube

Beyond vocal tract actions: speech prosody and co-verbal gesturing in face-to-face communication

Bernd J. Kröger, Peter Birkholz, Emily Kaufmann, Christiane Neuschaefer-Rube

A survey of self-oscillating lumped-element models of the vocal folds

Peter Birkholz


A new artificial palate design for the optical measurement of tongue and lip movements

Peter Birkholz, Christiane Neuschaefer-Rube


Elektromyographische Analyse von Sprech- und Schluckbewegungen

Peter Birkholz

Prospects of EPG and OPG sensor fusion in pursuit of a 3D real-time representation of the oral cavity

Simon Preuß, Christiane Neuschaefer-Rube, Peter Birkholz


Towards non-invasive velum state detection during speaking using high-frequency acoustic chirps

Peter Birkholz, Michael Schutte, Simon Preuß, Christiane Neuschaefer-Rube

Ein OPG-gesteuertes Serious Game zur Unterstützung mundmotorischer Übungen

Simon Preuß, Cornelia Eckers, Peter Birkholz, Christiane Neuschaefer-Rube


Fortschritte in der elektro-optischen Stomatographie

Simon Preuß, Peter Birkholz


Untersuchung elastischer Materialien für künstliche Stimmlippen

Lin Wang, Simon Preuß, Peter Birkholz

GlottalImageExplorer – An Open Source Tool for Glottis Segmentation in Endoscopic High-Speed Videos of the Vocal Folds

Peter Birkholz


A Head-Mounted Camera System for the Measurement of Lip Protrusion and Opening during Speech Production

Fabian Klause, Simon Stone, Peter Birkholz

Real-time manipulation of the F0-contour in synthetic speech using the Fujisaki model

Simon Stone, Konrad Schulze, Peter Steiner, Peter Birkholz

Towards the measurement of the Actor’s Formant in female voices

Sanya Tayal, Simon Stone, Peter Birkholz

Gesture-based Articulatory Text to Speech Synthesis

Benjamin Weitz, Ingmar Steiner, Peter Birkholz

Herstellung und Charakterisierung künstlicher Stimmlippen aus Silikonkautschuk

Peter Birkholz, Lin Wang


Towards combined force and distance sensing using only optical sensors to aid in stroke rehabilitation

Christoph Wagner, Simon Stone, Peter Birkholz

Piano Transcriber - A Note-based Approach for Multipitch Tracking

Peter Steiner, Simon Stone, Peter Birkholz

Using state feedback to control an articulatory synthesizer

Ian S. Howard, Peter Birkholz

Optimierung der Numerik eines linearen Gleichungssystems für die Simulation des Schallfeldes im Vokaltrakt

Johann August Marwitz, Simon Stone, Peter Birkholz


Modelling vowel acquisition using the Birkholz synthesizer

Ian S. Howard, Peter Birkholz

Modell einer Frauenstimme für die artikulatorische Sprachsynthese mit VocalTractLab

Susanne Drechsel, Yingming Gao, Jens Frahm, Peter Birkholz

Surface stickiness and waviness of two-layer silicone structures for synthetic vocal folds

Falk Gabriel, Patrick Häsner, Eike Dohmen, Dmitry Borin, Peter Birkholz

Comparison of different methods for the voiced excitation of physical vocal tract models

Peter Birkholz, Simon Stone, Steffen Kürbis

Perception of German tense and lax vowel contrast by Chinese learners

Yingmin Gao, Hongwei Ding, Peter Birkholz, Rainer Jäckel, Yi Lin


Tongue Mouse - Comparison of Physical Measurement Principles

Kathleen Große, Peter Birkholz

Note Onset Detection using Echo State Networks

Peter Steiner, Simon Stone, Peter Birkholz

Articulatory Copy Synthesis using Long-Short Term Memory Networks

Yingming Gao, Peter Steiner, Peter Birkholz


Artificial Bandwidth Extension using a Glottal Excitation Model

Sebastian Barth, Simon Stone, Peter Birkholz

On the Optimal Set of Features and the Robustness of Classifiers in Radar-based Silent Phoneme Recognition

Pouriya Amini Digehsara, Christoph Wagner, Petr Schaffer, Michael Bärhold, Simon Stone, Dirk Plettemeier, Peter Birkholz

TargetOptimizer 2.0: Enhanced Estimation of Articulatory Targets

Paul Konstantin Krug, Simon Stone, Alexander Wilbrandt, Peter Birkholz

Glottal Closure Instant Detection using Echo State Networks

Peter Steiner, Ian S. Howard, Peter Birkholz


Towards a soft fluidic elastomer tongue for a mechanical vocal tract

Peter Birkholz, Christian Kosmas Mayer, Patrick Häsner

Efficient exploration of articulatory dimensions

Paul Konstantin Krug, Peter Birkholz, Branislav Gerazov, Daniel Rudolph Van Niekerk, Anqi Xu, Yi Xu

Perceptual cues for smiled voice - An articulatory synthesis study

Simon Stone, Pia Abdul-Hak, Peter Birkholz


Comparison of Object Tracking Algorithms for Larynx Phantom Movements in Ultrasound Videos

Christian Kleiner, Peter Birkholz


Synchrony of Glottal Area Waveform Parameters During the Production of Obstruents in Vowel Context

Joao Vitor Possamai De Menezes, Christian Kleiner, Marie-Anne Kainz, Matthias Echternach, Peter Birkholz

An Investigation of Acoustic Features of the Lower Vocal Tract for Speaker Recognition .

Peter Birkholz, Xinyu Zhang