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Modular Synthesis of Dis uencies for Conversational Speech Systems

Simon Betz, Petra Wagner, David Schlangen


Disfluent Lengthening in Spontaneous Speech

Simon Betz, Petra Wagner

Are we all Disfluent in our own Special Way and Should Dialogue Systems Also be?

Simon Betz, Soledad López Gambino


Speech Synthesis Evaluation: Realizing a Social Turn

Petra Wagner, Simon Betz


Hesitation processing analysis using mouse-tracking and gamification

Simon Betz, Éva Székely, Sina Zarrieß, Marin Schröer, Leonie Schade, Petra Wagner


Is there a hesitation bias for ambiguous color terms?

Simon Betz, Ricardo Davids, Caroline Müller, Éva Székely, Petra Wagner, Maischa Amelie Weber, Cassandra Youssef-Baronfeind, Sina Zarrieß


Hesitation Lengthening Elicitation and Detection via Target Words in a Card Game Study

Simon Betz