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Resynthesizing the GECO speech corpus with VocalTractLab

Konstantin Sering, Niels Stehwien, Yingming Gao, Martin V. Butz, Harald Baayen


Comparing KEC Recordings with Resynthesized EMA Data

Konstantin Sering, Fabian Tomaschek


Predictive articulatory speech synthesis with semantic discrimination

Paul Schmidt-Barbo, Elnaz Shafaei-Bajestan, Konstantin Sering

Anticipatory coarticulation in predictive articulatory speech modeling

Konstantin Sering, Fabian Tomaschek, Motoki Saito


Using semantic embeddings for initiating and planning articulatory speech synthesis

Paul Schmidt-Barbo, Sebastian Otte, Martin V. Butz, R. Harald Baayen, Konstantin Sering

Articubench - An articulatory speech synthesis benchmark

Konstantin Sering, Paul Schmidt-Barbo


Somatosensory Feedback in PAULE

Konstantin Sering, Paul Schmidt-Barbo


Speech/Non-Speech Classification Slightly Improves Synthesis Quality in PAULE

Konstantin Sering