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Automatic differentiation of form-function-relations of the discourse particle "hm" in a naturalistic human-computer interaction

Alicia Flores Lotz, Ingo Siegert, Andreas Wendemuth


Measuring the Impact of Audio Compression on the Spectral Quality of Speech Data

Ingo Siegert, Alicia Flores Lotz, Linh Linda Duong, Andreas Wendemuth


Audio Compression and its Impact on Emotion Recognition in Affective Computing

Alicia Flores Lotz, Ingo Siegert, Michael Maruschke, Andreas Wendemuth


Acoustic Addressee-Detection - Analysing the Impact of Age, Sex and Technical Knowledge

Ingo Siegert, Tang Shuran, Alicia Flores Lotz

Emotion Recognition from Disturbed Speech - Towards Affective Computing in Real-World In-Car Environments

Alicia Flores Lotz, Fabian Faller, Ingo Siegert, Andreas Wendemuth