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Development of a Computer-Aided Language Learning Environment for Mandarin – First Steps

Hansjörg Mixdorff, Daniel Külls, Hussein Hussein

Kontrastive Untersuchung zur Realisierung der Fokusakzente in gelesenen Äußerungen (am Beispiel der Sprachenpaarung L1 Russisch – L2 Deutsch)

Rainer Jäckel, Hussein Hussein


Development of a Computer-Aided Pronunciation Training System for Teaching Mandarin for German Learners — Pronunciation Errors

Hussein Hussein, Hansjörg Mixdorff, Hue San Do, Si Wei, Oianyong Gao, Shu Gong, Hongwei Ding, Guoping Hu


Comparison of Fujisaki-model parameters between German Learners and native speakers of Mandarin

Hussein Hussein, Hansjörg Mixdorff, Hue San Do, Marijo Mateljan, Qianyong Gao, Guoping Hu, Si Wei, Zhao Chao


HMM-Based Mandarin Tone Recognition - Application in Computer-Aided Language Learning System for Mandarin

Hussein Hussein, Hansjörg Mixdorff, Yuan-Fu Liao, Rüdiger Hoffmann


Acoustic Event Classification for Ambient Assisted Living and Healthcare Environments

Hussein Hussein, Marc Ritter, Robert Manthey, Jan Schloßhauer, Etienne Fabian, Manuel Heinzig


Acoustic Source Localization in Home Environments - The Effect of Microphone Array Geometry (Work in Progress)

Timon Zietlow, Hussein Hussein, Danny Kowerko


Realisation of an Audio & Video Laboratory for Precise Object Localization and Tracking

Robert Manthey, Hussein Hussein, René Erler, Richard Siegel, Danny Kowerko

Recognizing Modern Sound Poetry with LSTM Networks

Burkhard Meyer-Sickendiek, Hussein Hussein, Timo Baumann


How to identify elliptical poems within a digital corpus of auditory poetry

Hussein Hussein, Burkhard Meyer-Sickendiek, Timo Baumann


How to Identify Speech when Translating Unpunctuated Poetry

Timo Baumann, Burkhard Meyer-Sickendiek, Hussein Hussein