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A Head-Mounted Camera System for the Measurement of Lip Protrusion and Opening during Speech Production

Fabian Klause, Simon Stone, Peter Birkholz

Real-time manipulation of the F0-contour in synthetic speech using the Fujisaki model

Simon Stone, Konrad Schulze, Peter Steiner, Peter Birkholz

Towards the measurement of the Actor’s Formant in female voices

Sanya Tayal, Simon Stone, Peter Birkholz


Towards combined force and distance sensing using only optical sensors to aid in stroke rehabilitation

Christoph Wagner, Simon Stone, Peter Birkholz

Piano Transcriber - A Note-based Approach for Multipitch Tracking

Peter Steiner, Simon Stone, Peter Birkholz

Optimierung der Numerik eines linearen Gleichungssystems für die Simulation des Schallfeldes im Vokaltrakt

Johann August Marwitz, Simon Stone, Peter Birkholz


Comparison of different methods for the voiced excitation of physical vocal tract models

Peter Birkholz, Simon Stone, Steffen Kürbis


Note Onset Detection using Echo State Networks

Peter Steiner, Simon Stone, Peter Birkholz


Artificial Bandwidth Extension using a Glottal Excitation Model

Sebastian Barth, Simon Stone, Peter Birkholz

On the Optimal Set of Features and the Robustness of Classifiers in Radar-based Silent Phoneme Recognition

Pouriya Amini Digehsara, Christoph Wagner, Petr Schaffer, Michael Bärhold, Simon Stone, Dirk Plettemeier, Peter Birkholz

TargetOptimizer 2.0: Enhanced Estimation of Articulatory Targets

Paul Konstantin Krug, Simon Stone, Alexander Wilbrandt, Peter Birkholz


Perceptual cues for smiled voice - An articulatory synthesis study

Simon Stone, Pia Abdul-Hak, Peter Birkholz