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Verhaltensanalyse von Einplatinencomputern beim Transcoding von Echtzeit-Audiodaten

Martin Meszaros, Michael Maruschke

Audio and Speech Quality Survey of the Opus Codec in Web Real-Time Communication

Oliver Jokisch, Michael Maruschke, Martin Meszaros, Viktor Iaroshenko


Audio Compression and its Impact on Emotion Recognition in Affective Computing

Alicia Flores Lotz, Ingo Siegert, Michael Maruschke, Andreas Wendemuth

Surround Sound Processed by Opus Codec: A Perceptual Quality Assessment

Franziska Trojahn, Martin Meszaros, Michael Maruschke, Oliver Jokisch


Influence of Age, Gender and Sample Duration on the Charisma Assessment of German Speakers

Oliver Jokisch, Viktor Iaroshenko, Michael Maruschke, Hongwei Ding