ESSV Konferenz Elektronische Sprachsignalverarbeitung

Title: Surface stickiness and waviness of two-layer silicone structures for synthetic vocal folds

Authors: Falk Gabriel, Patrick Häsner, Eike Dohmen, Dmitry Borin, Peter Birkholz


Body-cover models of vocal folds made of silicone rubber are increasingly used in voice research. The very soft cover layer often shows a residual stickiness. This study explored potential methods to avoid the stickiness while maintaining the softness and a flat surface structure. Therefore, 60 silicone samples werefabricated from different silicones and with different manufacturing procedures tosimulate the compound of cover layer and epithelium layer. 30 silicone sampleswere tempered in different ways and 30 samples were powdered between the twolayers. The fabricated samples were investigated with respect to their stickinessand surface waviness. It could be shown that some materials and procedures arebetter suited than others to produce synthetic vocal folds that are as little sticky aspossible and have a flat surface at the same time.

Year: 2019
In session: Poster und Demonstrationen
Pages: 221 to 230