ESSV Konferenz Elektronische Sprachsignalverarbeitung

Title: Audio and Speech Quality Survey of the Opus Codec in Web Real-Time Communication

Authors: Oliver Jokisch, Michael Maruschke, Martin Meszaros, Viktor Iaroshenko


The Opus codec is used in several applications fields of speech and audio communication. This article describes the instrumental quality assessment of Opus- coded speech in a web browser-based real-time communication using POLQA and AQuA method. Furthermore, we tested Opus with mixed vocal and music signals and also performed a perceptual test. WebRTC framework-coded speech achieves a similar MOS assessment compared to standalone coding. The observed degradations depend on signal bandwidth, on variations in speech (e. g. by emotions) or in music (vocal vs. instrumental) and on the assessment method.

Year: 2016
In session: Audio- und Sprachkodierung, Qualitätsbewertung
Pages: 254 to 262