ESSV Konferenz Elektronische Sprachsignalverarbeitung

Title: On the Assessment of Computer-Assisted Pronunciation Training Tools

Authors: Jürgen Trouvain, Jeanin Jügler, Yves Laprie


The aim of this study is to select and formulate criteria for the assessment of tools and exercises that are using computer-assisted pronunciation training (CAPT). We examined ten different CAPT tools selected on the basis of an informal questionnaire among 10 colleagues working in a German-French CAPT project. Although the applied assessment must still be regarded as informal, and although the selected CAPT tools might not be an optimal sample for representing the state of the art, the results clearly show that there is a lot to improve regarding the clarity of instruction, the quality of exercises, the robustness of the diagnosis, the clarity and appropriateness of scoring, the diversity of feedback methods, the assumed benefit for various types of users as well as the usage of ASR. Despite various good approaches regarding graphics and game-like exercises there are obviously missing links between the pedagogical expertise in phonetic training on the one hand, and software development including usability engineering on the other.

Year: 2016
In session: Fremdspracherwerb, Dialekt- und Korpusanalyse
Pages: 175 to 182