ESSV Konferenz Elektronische Sprachsignalverarbeitung

Title: Quality of network based acoustic noise reduction

Authors: Matthias Pawig, Peter Vary


In this contribution, we analyze the behavior of a single channel noise reduction system when it is moved from the mobile telephone to a network based unit, i.e., when it suppresses the noise after transmission with a speech codec. Stateof- the-art algorithms have been designed primarily for small terminal equipment, taking the constraints of low complexity and low memory consumption into account. In order to ease these constraints and to reduce the signal processing complexity at the mobile terminal, the acoustic noise reduction may be moved to a network based unit. This contribution shows by simulations for the exemplary AMR 12.2 kBit codec that the difference between single channel background noise reduction before and after a speech codec is far less severe than usually assumed, and the objective measures of both systems are very close for a variety of scenarios.

Year: 2011
In session: Sprachsignalverarbeitung, Spracherkennung und Sprachsynthese II
Pages: 325 to 332